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Throw the Interception

While coaching high school football I had to choose between two very capable athletes for the starting spot of quarterback. As well as being great athletes, they were great kids and both commanded respect from the team. The difference between these athletes was that one knew every play in the playbook and knew where every player was on the field and what they were supposed to do. The other one was one who had a bit more instinct but didn't know all the plays.

The way I choose the quarterback was who threw the interceptions in practice.

Yes that’s what I said, I picked the one with that threw the interceptions.

Here's what I mean, as a quarterback you have windows of opportunities. Those windows open and close quickly and if you don’t throw those balls and throw those interceptions you never can get the timing right. One athlete would see the window but scan the field for other opportunities and if none were available he would go back and find that the window closed. No matter what I told him, he could not pull the trigger. The second athlete did not know as many of the plays but would throw the ball at those windows. Some got intercepted and some hit the mark. But, with every throw he became more accurate and eventually threw less interceptions.

Both players had the ability and were capable. But one had the confidence.

As you can guess, I picked the second player and with some more studying he learned the rest of the plays.

How many of us are looking for the perfect opportunity or are looking at multiple opportunities and because we don't decide we miss the chance. Or are you looking at an opportunity and you don't know if it is good for you and you let it go in hopes that a new one is just around the corner.

There is a reason for opportunities to come your way, you are capable and have the capacity. We need to take that shot and make the best of it. It may be the wrong choice. You may regret taking it. But you will never know until you try. And if it is not good for you, go find another opportunity and take what you learned from the bad situation to help you in your next one.

I have given up some opportunities in my life that haunt me till this day. I have moved on but I have always thought, "What if". It's something I am working on and hopefully I can let it go one day. Until then I use it to help me Not to miss another opportunity.

So, next time something comes your way, and a window opens, throw the ball. Don't worry about the interception. Know that you are capable and that you have the ability to strive in that situation.

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