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The Telescope Effect

Ever look in the sky on a really clear night and see all the stars in the sky? You marvel at the beauty and then you focus on a spot. It can be the brightest star or the big dipper or Orion's Belt or any of the millions of stars or planets in the sky. You get lost in the beauty. You didn't do anything to focus on that point yet it seems everything else disappears when you are focusing on that one spot in the sky.

If you have a telescope you can zoom in even closer. You don’t have to cover your other eye when looking into the telescope. You just seem to lock into the eye piece and the other eye just fades away and you marvel at the celestial body.

You know in sports you are always focused on the play and what's happening on the field. But do you remember that first time you got on a field when the stands were full and you just looked out. I remember seeing a catcher get to play in his first game and it will always stick with me. He walked out and looked around and took it all in then he paused and put on he's mask and played the game. You can see the joy and amazement he had and he took it all in.

We seem to do this in our lives, we focus on one spot in our lives. At work we put our heads down and focus on project after project and we become fixated in the details. We never look around us at what brought us here. Look at what we can do in our company or work area that might benefit our co-workers. What was it that excited you when you first got to the position you are in. There are people who sit at work and don't talk to anyone. They don't leave their desks unless its for the bathroom or lunch. There are relations out there around your office. Take a look around and you'll be amazed at what you find.

And in our personal lives we focus on finances or on our relationships and none of this is wrong. But every so often we need to step back and look at the big picture. The marvels of our lives. What beauty there is around you. Take a walk in the park, strolled in the streets and just look around at the beauty of the buildings or homes or parks around you. Get lost for a while in just taking in and let your mind go.

I truly believe that if we pick up our heads and look around and let our minds go that all the answers to our questions would come into focus. Home or work. Steve Jobs held brainstorming meetings while walking. Harry S Truman had walking as a part of his routine.

Take your eye off your telescope and take in the world around.

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