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Gravitational Pull

The sling shot effect is what NASA and other scientist use to send satellites into orbit. The premise is that when we are sending something out far into the galaxy, a way to save fuel is to let the gravitational pull of other planets slingshot the satellite. They send the satellite close enough that the gravitational pull of the planet speed up the object towards itself. As it speeds up it will fly past the planet and then they aim it to the next planet. It saves the fuel so that it can be used for course corrections and for its various functions. When it reaches its destination it will put itself into an orbit or it just continually goes out into space until it can not communicate with earth anymore.

What does this have to do with anything, well we are like that satellite. We are propelled by the people we come in contact with. If you put yourself around people who are doing things that you want to emulate or learn from, these people will assist you and help you slingshoting you forward. Most successful people love to help others succeed. But you really need to want it. That pull becomes stronger as that relationship builds. And as you succeed you inevitably gravitate to others who you work with and teach you and that bond begins to grow again and at a certain point you get slingshot further or you set your orbit and this becomes your sphere of attraction or influence.

This also works in the negative. Negative people or people doing immoral things can attract these type of people. These people will keep you in their orbit and as you stay in that orbit, it takes a strong person to break that gravitational pull and move further. It takes a lot of your own energy to break this bond and many don’t. Also what can happen is that that bad influence can be so strong that you get pulled into doing worse things. In this case you slingshot yourself into a worse position or situation. Your sphere of influence changes to a higher grade of illegality or immorality. This is how petty criminals move to larger crimes or people who do drugs get into harder substances. And in many cases they get too far and the gravitational pull causes them to crash and burn.

Now the one that many fall into is the orbit of comfortability similar to our solar system. Here one become comfortable with they are. They become attracted to people similar to themselves and to their situation. Some are a little better off, some are not. Some have a little nicer stuff and some don’t. In this situation they orbit each other, content with the notion that this is where they are and there is nothing they can do about it or that we are willing to do about it. It’s not bad. Things are kind of good.

But every so often when they look around they see someone they may know well or an acquaintance, like a comet, fly by and break free and become successful or achieve something great and they stop and marvel and maybe say to each other how lucky that person was or that they wish that happened to them. And then, like a whisper, they go back to their lives and become content again and their orbit continues.

What satellite are you? Are you strong enough to break your gravitation orbit?

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