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Awesome quick read. Not only are the stories and fables great but the book also has reflections and a call to action so you can move forward.
David Cooks story is an inspiration to everyone. There are many lessons on perseverance, perspective, partnership and many more. It's an excellent read.
31 Underdogs who became extraordinary. Stories of determination to play when there was no schalorship offers and the lessons they learned that helped them become successful. There is a story for everyone no matter where they are in life.

Originally from Tehran, Patrick became a successful business man and multimillionaire and in this book teaches success principles with examples from many amazing people. A great strategy book for everyone.

Great Book with stories that show how geniuses really became the way the are because of the amount of practice and opportunities they had. Great book on showing that you have what it takes to being great. Just put ing the work.
This is a book that holds the test of times. Coach Wooden was not only a great coach on the court but an amazing one off. The lessons found in this book has helped many in the business world. His understanding of organization, motivation and standards as well as so much more is a blueprint for whatever you are trying to build. 
This book is a must read. Holiday attacks the concept of Courage through stories throughout time. Leaders, athletes, politicians, all conquering courage at important times in their lives. Showing that you too can conquer courage.  
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