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The Full Story


The youngest of 4 boys, Eric found that observation and hard work were his best tools. After hopping around from college to college he finally received his BA in Economics while working on the Commodity Exchange. At the exchange, he moved up the ladder and became a partner of William J O’Reilly Inc. Here he traded Copper and Ran operations where they became one of the largest copper brokerage firms on the exchange floor.

While working on the exchange Eric began his coaching career. Learning from more experienced coaches he moved up the levels of coaching until he reached the high school level. Eric decided to leave his job in 2017 to begin his transition into full-time coaching. While in this transition his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Eric decided to take a job in the meantime, but then Covid19 hit and their world was turned upside down.

Eric didn't let this discourage him, instead, he let this inspire him. He went back and took all of the notes he had been taking throughout the years over the similarities of sports and business and created the HEY COACH! Podcast. 

Eric is currently writing a book over his success principles that he developed based on the fundamentals of all sports: ASsRT: Alignment Stance Responsibility and Technique.

Finally, Eric is the owner of the online store Fertile Minds. This merchandise is inspired by the idea to keep your mind open to new opportunities and ideas.



Mission is to help you know you are more than your job and your sport. You have more knowledge than you think.



Sharing with everyone business concepts from coaching and the athletic sidelines.

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